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Essential Oils in Eastern Medicine and as Aids to Meditation Practice

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Medical Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are known in Eastern and Western Medicine as well as almost all spiritual traditions.

Essential oils provide health benefits and stimulate our bodies own natural healing abilities.

Essential oils can be used alone or as additional support for other therapies. For instance, using the right essential oils, in conjunction with acupuncture treatments will promote faster or deeper healing.

Dr. Advani is skilled in the use of essential oils as well as herbs, teas, and nutritional supplements. Each of these can be primary therapies or supportive treatments in conjunction with acupuncture.

Spiritual Benefits of Essential Oils

There are many forms or styles of meditation.

These range from the currently popular Mindfulness Meditation to many forms that are steeped in Eastern or Oriental tradition.

No matter which type of meditation is being practiced, it is a fact that essential oils enrich and deepen the experience of meditation for all forms.

Spiritual meditation is practiced by advanced students in many a form of religious experience. Spiritual meditation is similar to prayer, but does not involve words. In spiritual meditation, one reflects on the silence around and seeks a deep connection with your God or Universe. Some traditions call this wordless prayer, nirvana, divine unity, God consciousness, (or Buddha consciousness, or…. ).

Some call it, in so many words, becoming aware of a oneness with the universe, or becoming aware of one’s divinity as part of a larger force for good and the propagation of love.

Essential oils are commonly used to heighten spiritual meditation experience.

Some essential oils that enhance the spiritual or emotional experience of meditation or prayer are:

  • frankincense
  • myrrh
  • sage
  • lavender

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