Acupuncture and More

Dr. Priya Advani has had a vision, since 2008, to create wellness and health for everyone.  She offers a full range of integrative healthcare services in practice with offices in West LA, CA, and San Pedro CA. These services may include acupuncture, essential oils therapy, cupping, herbal and nutritional consults, functional blood chemistry analysis, chakra balancing, and teaching therapeutic exercises such as qi gong and breathing techniques.

Integrating Eastern Medicine with Western Medical Science

When analyzing a patient’s health, Dr. Advani applies her knowledge of both eastern and western medicine and combines the aspects of both to create a fully integrative treatment plan for her patients.  

Treatment of Underlying Conditions Instead of Symptoms

Many of patients come in with undiagnosed conditions which they may have experienced for a long period of time. By incorporating integrative approaches, her patients achieve optimal health.

Other Conditions Treated

Acupuncture and Integrative Health approaches also treat ailments such as pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, adrenal/hormonal issues, auto immune conditions, digestive issues, along with specializing in complex conditions and pediatric medicine.

Discover Optimal Health and Wellness

If you suffer from any of these conditions or simply want optimal health and wellness, Dr. Advani may have the solution for you. Please choose the West LA or San Pedro practice and call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Advani.

Location To Serve You

West Los Angeles

Admitted to Practice:
2001 S. Barrington Avenue, Ste 220
Los Angeles, CA 90025