Essential Oils


What Are Essential Oils

Essential Oils are nature's defense mechanism for plants and cells.  They are aromatic compounds which are found in different parts of the plant including the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. 

What makes them effective?

Essential oils work at on a cellular level to protect cells and penetrate cell membranes.  Their unique chemical structure allows the oils to pass directly through the skin for immediate systemic response to topical application.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

It is important to understand that not all essential oils are the same. It's important to know the quantity and quality of testing that is done on the plants to make certain that they are free from chemicals and pesticides. CPTG establishes a standard  of natural purity.  Each batch of oil undergoes rigorous 3rd party testing to certify purity.  How you use them will be determined by CPTG. Always read the labels and follow the instructions on the bottles or contact the company directly. 

Using them Aromatically

What you breathe, affects your mood.  When your olfactory receptors are stimulated, they transmit impulses to your brain and this pathway is directly connected to your limbic system.  The limbic system is the part of your brain that deals with emotions.  Do you ever connect with happy memories with certain scents? This connection explains why that happens.

You can diffuse them or put a drop in your hands, rub them together and inhale, depending on the oil.

Using them Topically

Essential oils can service every cell of your body.  You can apply to feet, ears, chest, back of neck, head and troubled areas.  On the bottom of the feet, it can nourish your bloodstream within 30 seconds. 

For sensitivity, dilute with a carrier oil. 

Dr. Advani can incorporate a variety of oils in conjunction with your treatment. 

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