What her patients say

I have worked closely with Dr. Advani since November 2014. From that initial consultation/treatment, I have consistently received truly superb care in the hands of Dr. Advani. She is highly attuned to the needs of her clients, both in regards to their physical health as well as their emotional and spiritual needs. Indeed, she is well versed in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Allopathic. Dr. Advani is not only an extraordinary bright and intuitive healer, she creatively combines Reiki treatment with her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.               Dr. Bonnie

I couldn't possibly recommend Priya Advani of the Advani Center for Integrative Wellness & Healing more highly! She is so incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable, and so enthusiastic about what she knows and is continuing to learn, and I've learned so much from her. She is also exceedingly gentle and caring and makes your acupuncture experience soothing and  meditative along with the energy work she does while you're resting on the table.  Further, her dietary and herbal wisdom is so helpful and enhances and supports the acupuncture work as well. In short, Dr. Advani is one of the most warm and caring healthcare practitioners I have ever come across and I trust her implicitly; she is a true ray of light!             Nicole F. 

After years of being sick, I was referred by my best friend to Dr. Advani.  Dr. Advani is the kindest and most professional Dr. I have had the privilege of knowing. Following her instructions, I am finally on the path to real wellness. Not wellness masked by more medications, but tangible results that are life changing. I cannot say enough about her and her practice!   Nikki S. 

I had the best acupuncture treatment I have had in awhile from Dr. Priya Advani. I have heard so many wonderful things about her from her clients over the years so I just had to try. Priya took more time to listen to my concerns and offered so much valuable information about my current health. Her suggestions were right on target. I have had tons of acupuncture treatments before but this was the first time it was combined with Essential oils. I never knew oils could be so powerful and when combined with acupuncture it left me just dreamy and feeling great! I will be back for more!   Elyse E.

Dr Advani is a gentle and loving soul. We have been seeing Dr Advani for many years for everything from colds, sore joints, stress and even jet lag.  Dr Advani is honest, works intuitively and I am completely confident in all the aspects of healing we receive. The style of acupuncture is so gentle and effective than even our son has been doing it from a young age.  We are very grateful to have found Dr Advani.  Michelle K.

There are so few practitioners out there who are truly focused on wellness.  Dr Advani is one of those rare healthcare professionals who believe in supporting wellness throughout life.  My treatment experiences have been amazing and I highly recommend her to kids & adults.       L.J.