Functional Medicine

Many of our patients who choose this route of treatment have either exhausted their other possibilities or simply want a solution to maintain optimal health.  Dr. Advani runs a comprehensive lab report through LabCorp, one of the top labs in the country. She will thoroughly examine the results and set up a treatment protocol that includes lifestyle support, nutritional options, and supplements.  

Functional Medicine is patient-centered medical healing.  Instead of treating health problems as isolated diseases, it treats the root cause of the imbalance.  For example, chronic diseases such as diabetes and fibromyalgia, might be visible above the surface, but the true cause stems from an underlying dysfunction and/or imbalance of the body.  In Functional Medicine, the practitioner uses scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing, and natural treatments to restore balance in the body to assist the patient in attaining the goal of optimal health. 

You may contact our office for further information to find out if this is the optimal option for you.